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Get more than 60% Repeat Sentence common in PTE Academic exam in January 2024


Learn from our experts how to get your required PTE Academic scores in 2024

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Unlock Your PTE Success with Melbourne PTE’s January Repeat Sentence Prediction File!

As you know, mastering repeat sentences is a game-changer for your PTE Speaking and Listening scores, and we’ve got the ultimate tool to make it happen.

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We’ve carefully curated 312 repeat sentences that have been trending over the past weeks. After thorough testing, we discovered that over 50-70% of these sentences are frequently repeated in the actual PTE exams!

We have made one audio track (👇) for all 312 repeat sentences. After each repeat sentence, we have added 5 second silence so that you can practice by yourself. So listen now.

Here is the list of 312 Sentences. Please read each sentence and try to understand the meaning. Don’t Memorise. 

1.The elephant is the largest land-living mammal.
2.Students can get access to computers on a daily basis.
3.Doctor Green’s office has been moved to the second floor of the building.
4.The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
5.The cafeteria closes soon, but the snack machines are accessible throughout the night.
6.The pharmacy was closed when I went past this morning.
7.We are not going to accept the assignment after the due date on Friday.
8.The books reserved in the library can be borrowed for up to 3 hours.
9.A lot of agricultural workers came to the East End to look for alternative work.
10.The visiting professor is going to give a lecture on geology.
11.The smoke from these contributed a great deal to the air pollution.
12.Our class is divided into two groups. You come with me, and the others stay here.
13.New timetables will be posted on the student notice board.
14.Many of his research objectives are driven by his natural curiosity and instincts.
15.Make sure you correctly cite all your sources.
16.Knives and forks should be placed next to the spoons on the edge of the table.
17.International students can get help with locating housing near the university.
18.In the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at various aspects of the social history of London.
19.I’ll start with a brief history of the district, and then focus on the life in the first half of the 20th century.
20.If you want to quit the student union, tell the registrar.
21.I will now demonstrate how the reaction can be arrested by adding a dilute acid.
22.However, this method is problematic in terms of accuracy.
23.Higher number of patients were infected during the previous outbreak of illness.
24.Essays should be typed with double space in white paper.
25.During the next few centuries, London will become one of the most powerful and prosperous cities in Europe

26.All students are encouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.
27.All essays and seminar papers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.
28.A periodical is a publication that is issued regularly.
29.The African elephant is the largest land mammal in the world.
30.We provide a wide range of courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
31.Rules about breaks and lunch time vary from one company to next.
32.You will be informed of the results by email.
33.Would you pass me the book on the left-hand side?
34.To receive the reimbursement, you must keep the original receipts.
35.The trial experiment is to increase the interests of the issue and the jurisdiction clause.
36.The recent study has thrown out the validity of the argument.
37.The officer said Dr. Smith would arrive later today.
38.The first few sentences of an essay should capture the readers’ attention.
39.The author expressed an idea that modern readers cannot accept.
40.The agricultural sector in that country has been heavily subsidized.
41.She is an expert of the 18th century French literature.
42.Residence Hall is closed prior to the academic building closing time at the end of this semester.
43.More females than males graduated from university last year.
44.Meteorology is a detailed study of earth’s atmosphere.
45.Meeting with tutors could be arranged for students who need additional help.
46.Just wait a minute, I will be with you shortly.
47.Journalism is the collection and publication or transmission of news.
48.It’s time to finalize the work before the Wednesday seminar.
49.It is important to take gender into account when discussing the figures.
50.I’ve got a tutorial in an hour, and I haven’t had any time to prepare for it.
51.I will be in my office every day from eleven to twelve.
52.I think the university’s main campus is closed.
53.I still don’t understand the last sentence.
54.I believe children should read aloud more.
55.Farmers do not always receive the price for agricultural goods.
56.Don’t forget to hand in your assignments by the end of next week.
57.Doing this research makes me think of the purpose of science.
58.Distance learning has become far more popular these days.
59.Being a student representative on the union really cuts into my study time.
60.Anyone who has a problem with their accommodation should speak to the welfare officer.
61.Any text or references you make should be cited appropriately in the footnotes.
62.Allergy problems do run in the family, but we don’t understand why.
63.A preliminary bibliography is due the week before the spring break.
64.Physics is a detailed study of matter and energy.
65.You should raise your concern with the head of the school.
66.If you forgot your student number, you should contact Jenny Brice.
67.We are delighted to have Professor Robert to join our faculty.
68.I don’t like cheese and tomato sandwiches on white bread and orange juice.
69.Please finish all the reading chapters before the field trip.
70.The tutorial is held on the 8th of April.
71.A thorough bibliography is needed at the end of every assignment.
72.I missed yesterday’s lecture. Can I borrow your notes?
73.All necessary information is in the assignment.
74.I didn’t understand the author’s point of view on immigration.
75.The course registration is open early March for new students.
76.The context includes both the land history and the human history.
77.All filed assignments should have a full list of bibliography.
78.All undergraduate students should participate in the seminar.
79.The computer virus destroyed all my files.
80.Students are afraid of writing an essay, because they have learned nothing about it.
81.I’m glad that you’ve got it.
82.The minimal mark for distinction can be awarded no less than 75 percent.
83.The university celebrated the Earth Day by planting trees.
84.A study skill seminar is on for the students who require assistance.
85.Being a vegan means not consuming any animal products.
86.Even with the permit, finding a parking spot on campus is almost impossible.
87.Please register your student email account at your earliest convenience.
88.Portfolio is due to the internal review office no later than Tuesday.
89.She has been in the library for a long time.
90.The original Olympic Games were celebrated as religious festivals.
91.All the assignments should be submitted by the end of this week.
92.The tutor is there for help, so do ask if you don’t understand anything.
93.Biographical information should be removed prior to the publication of the results.
94.Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures.
95.The verdict depends on which side was more convincing to the jury.
96.Unfortunately, the two most interesting economics electives clash on my timetable.
97.The first person in space was from the Soviet Union.
98.Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
99.The clear evidence between brain events and behavioral events are always fascinating.
100.I can’t attend the lecture because I have a doctor appointment.
101. Students will not be given credits for assignment submitted after the due date.
102.Basketball was created in 1891 by a physician and a physical instructor.
103.The contemporary literature works have been broadened and extended through interpretation.
104.Due to rising enrolment for courses, university should increase their staff, too.
105.In consultation with your supervisor, your thesis is approved by the faculty committee.
106.The program depends entirely on private funding.
107.If she doesn’t speak the language, she’s not going to sit around and wait for a translator.
108.A demonstrated ability to write clear, correct, and concise English is bigotry.
109.Globalization has been an overwhelming urban and urbanization phenomenon.
110.Newspapers around the country are reporting the stories of the president.
111.No crop responds more readily to careful husbandry and skilful cultivation.
112.Conservation is the survival of future generations.
113.Number the beakers and put them away until tomorrow.
114.The library is located on the other side of the campus behind the student centre.
115.To answer such a complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible.
116.Our university has strong partnerships with industry as well as collaborative relationships with government bodies.
117.Fishing is a sport and a means for surviving.
118.What distinguishes him from others is the dramatic use of black and white photography.
119.The bookshop is located to the north of main campus.
120.By clicking this button, you agree with the terms and conditions of this website.
121.He told me it was the most important assignment of all.
122.The US ranks twenty-second in foreign aid, given it as a percentage of GDP.
123.This small Indian state is a land of forests, valleys, and snowy islands.
124.In 1830, periodicals appeared in large numbers in America.
125.He is almost never in his office.
126.In English, the first letter of months of the year are always capitalized.
127.The study of archaeology requires intensive international fieldwork.
128.This hypothesis on black hole is rendered moot as the explanation of the explosion.
129.Higher fees cause the student to look more critically at what universities offer.
130.But they haven’t come to widespread use yet.
131.You can retake the module if your marks are too low.
132.Hypothetically, insufficient mastery in the areas slows future progress.
133.Once more under the pressure of economic necessity, practice outstripped theory.
134.Please sort and order the slides of the presentation according to topic and speech time.
135.You can download all lecture handouts from the course website.
136.In our institute, prospective students have access to thirteen college libraries.
137.Organic food is grown without applying chemicals and possesses no artificial additives.
138.In marketing, short time thought often leads to disaster.
139.The problem with this is that it fails to answer the basic question.
140.The politics combine both the legislative and the political authorities.
141.Arteries carry oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body.
142.Please do not bring food into the classroom.
143.Please pass the handouts along to the rest of the people in your row.
144.I expect a long and stagnant debate for a week or two on this issue.
145.There is an hourly bus service from the campus into town.
146.It is good for the environment also good for your electricity bill.
147.I think your watch is fast, you need to reset it.
148.You can pay using cash or a credit card.
149.Please explain what the author means by “sustainability”.
150.I don’t agree with the author’s point of view, but his presentation is good.
151.You can drop or add your courses online during the registration week.
152.Animals grow larger and stronger to help them hunt better.
153.Today, we will be discussing the role of the government in preventing injustice.
154.We didn’t have any noticeable variance between the two or three tasks.
155.In my free time, I would like to read current affairs and newspapers.
156.Our capacity to respond to national needs will determine our ability to flourish.
157.The current statistical evidence indicates the need of further research.
158.Our school of Arts and Technology accepts applications at all points throughout the year.
159.All source of materials must be included in your bibliography.
160.The negative discourse continues to be predominant in discussions about gender.
161.There are lots of students competing for the places in the computer courses.
162.The genetic biology technology lab is located in the North Wing of the library.
163.We want to attract the very best students regardless of their financial circumstances.
164.Expertise in particular areas distinguishes you from other graduates in a job interview.
165.The lecture tomorrow will discuss the educational policies in the United States.
166.It is interesting to observe the development of language skills of toddlers.
167.We will study the following two pictures in the next lecture.
168.Companies exist to make money, not to change society.
169.Internet provides unusual opportunities for students and current events.
170.We need to read the first five chapters in preparation of next Monday’s tutorial.
171.Children can share their lunch at around noon.
172.All students and staff have access to printers and scanners.
173.To get a further extension, you need to call the education executive on 401.
174.The company’s number of bankruptcy skyrocketed in the third quarter.
175.It is argued that students can learn more in collaborative rather than individual tasks.
176.Contemporary critics dismissed his idea as eccentric.
177.All applications of internship are available in the office.
178.Only those who are over eighteen years of age are eligible to open a bank account in our bank.
179.The books are filled with drawings of machines invented when he was a student.
180.There won’t be any space for me in the car.
181.The library is located on the north side of the campus.
182.We have three distinctive libraries which are nationally acclaimed.
183.Parking permits can be collected through the student service office.
184.Tuesday sessions will last for approximately two hours.
185.Students should take advantage of the online help system before approaching the lecturers.
186.The framework will help pose more research questions systematically.
187.It is clear that the effects of climate change will damage the world economy.
188.Major sports on campus include rugby, soccer, and tennis.
189.There is too much information on this topic.
190.Everyone should get access to art galleries no matter where they live.
191.The brain is the central machine of our bodies.
192.Young children need education and organized activities.
193.Before attending the classes, you must register online or by post.
194.Most of the assignments should be submitted on the same day.
195.The course comprises twenty hours of lectures, seminars, and tutorials per week.
196.If you forget your password, you need to contact the student centre.
197.Read the safety instructions before using the equipment during the workshop.
198.Several students raised different examples.
199.Please make an appointment with your tutor about your work.
200.Remember, your essay should be less than 2000 words.
201.The university policy on plagiarism can be viewed on the website.
202.The website has probably the most attractive layout.
203.We can discuss education in the tutorial next week.
204.A man who suffered serious brain damage during an operation is suing the hospital.
205.Social work is not the only subject in sociology.
206.The part of the story is the story of my father.
207.Collaboration is a feature of a successful company.
208.The technician left the new microscope in the biology lab.
209.There will be a guest lecturer visiting the psychology department next month.
210.Today’s lecture is cancelled because the lecturer is ill.
211.All students must return the books to the college library before the end of the term.
212.In your introduction, show you understand the question in no more than four sentences.
213.The subject is complex and difficult to explain.
214.Students may not use calculators in the final exams.
215.The first draft of the presentation is almost ready.
216.In Russia, my colleagues said my written language is hard to understand.
217.My favourite sports are soccer, tennis and basketball.
218.The results of the study challenge previously held assumptions.
219.It’s obviously vital that companies should fully understand their customers.
220.Numerous courses devoted to life sciences are listed in the prospectus.
221.She’s doing a master’s degree by distance learning.
222.Understanding the historical context will help you appreciate the art in this era.
223.The campus car park will be closed next weekend.
224.Marks will be awarded for a bibliography in the correct format.
225.You realized that you can deal with a lot of situations.
226.The media have had great influence on people’s beliefs and attitudes.
227.We’ve been doing research in that area for probably 25 years.
228.Many species have not yet been discovered by biologists.
229.Please note, the proposal submission deadline has been extended.
230.Students can choose a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master’s course.
231.There are many welcoming activities for new undergraduate and postgraduate students.
232.Keeping organized class notes will make study time more efficient.
233.The information you need for this is on the website.
234.The office opens on Mondays and Thursdays directly following the freshman induction seminar.
235.There is a fitness centre next to the student union.
236.Animal behavior appears to contain both similar and distinct aspects to that of humans.
237.Tomorrow evening, there’s a panel discussion on sustainable development.
238.It’s a great privilege to welcome our guest speaker to our college.
239.All postgraduate students in the department are encouraged to participate in these seminars.
240.The examples on the theory of social capital were a challenge to grasp.
241.Key aspects of this investigative paradigm may prove useful in other spheres.
242.I have lectures on Tuesday from nine o’clock until two o’clock.
243.Speaking one or more foreign languages will be useful in your career.
244.One of the first mass transit systems was located in France.
245.All the works you consult need to be mentioned in the bibliography.
246.The professor plans to discuss issues in the news that reflect concepts taught in class.
247.Each group should submit a rough outline of their project to their tutor.
248.The deadline for the submission is closed on Wednesday, the 4th of February.
249.For further information, please contact a member of our administrative team.
250.This will be the first art exhibition to be held by the university.
251.I think that to raise the issue and to talk about it is great.
252.The university hosts a wide range of events both on and off campus.
253.Our capacity to serve the community is a vital part of our role.
254.A balanced diet will help you study more effectively.
255.At the end of the day, people want to profit from return on their investment.
256.The support and advice of lecturers within the department has been invaluable.
257.There is no point in designing efficient cars if we use them more and more.
258.Living in the 21st century is increasingly stressful.
259.Please make sure you use the standard form of quotation.
260.Please read the article that was given out yesterday.
261.Compiling a bibliography can present a major challenge for some students.
262.We weren’t able to agree on the appropriate independent variables.
263.We have specially assigned staff to help you find appropriate work placements.
264.Renewable energy sources are now used to produce electricity.
265.Having a healthy breakfast can provide energy throughout the day.
266.At night, sailors in the Mediterranean can see the glow from the fiery molten material that is thrown into the air.
267.Fungi are important in the process of decay, which returns ingredients to the soil, enhances soil fertility, and decomposes animal debris.
268.It is expected that all students have their own laptops.
269.We are committed to recruiting the best students regardless of their financial situations.
270.You have to submit the project by the end of the week.
271.His particular interest is in the 18th-century French society.
272.Such behaviors are regarded as a deviation of norm.
273.By logging in, you agree to all terms and conditions regarding your enrolment.
274.All students must participate in the exercise.
275.Students are so scared of writing essays because they have never learned how.
276.Students have the opportunity to share their lunch during the common lunch break around noon.
277.Most of the student advisors are extremely helpful.
278.If you are worried about your work, you should see a study counsellor.
279.None of the students found it difficult to get a job.
280.We are required to submit the assignments before Friday.
281.The brain can be called the central computer of the body.
282.We are not able to accept assignments submitted after Friday’s deadline.
283.Those students have to retake the module if their marks are too low.
284.Restricted scholarships target principally at the students with specific goals.
285.The bookstore is located on the main campus behind the library.
286.In this library, reserve collection books can be borrowed for up to three hours.
287.Vessels carry blood from the heart to other organs of the body.
288.I wasn’t able to attend the tutorial because I had a doctor appointment.
289.The graph shows the population growth in the last century.
290.The origin of psychology can be traced back to Ancient Greece.
291.Experts cannot agree on a single definition of intelligence.
292.There is a lot more about this topic in the university website.
293.The literal output of this research is proliferated and diverse.
294.Environmentalists believe that human activities are causing environmental degradation.
295.Parents play a crucial role in ensuring their children’s vaccination.
296.I am glad you got here safely.
297.You must ensure you do not include too much irrelevant information.
298.Tuition fees will vary according to the fields of study.
299.The energy that we absorb from the food we eat can help us prevent the cold and become warmer.
300.The full list of undergraduate programs can be found on the website.
301.The northern campus car park is located behind the library.
302.The result of the experiment indicates that further research is needed.
303.You need to use a Bunsen burner and a test tube.
304.Making a profit and protecting the environment needn’t be separate aims.
305.The School of Arts and Design is having an open day on Thursday next week.
306.It is of the utmost importance that you follow the ethical guidelines carefully.
307.I haven’t done a lot of work in this area.
308.Your abstract should contain the empirical evidence of your research.
309.This program is running in partnership with a number of departments.
310.Students are not allowed to speak when they are in the examination hall.
311.We often ask our students to get access to all sorts of services.
312.Try to get through it as soon as possible.

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