Write Essay

Write Essay

Reading Time: 21 minutes

Part 1: Writing

Write Essay

Made Easy

  • Writing time: 20 Minutes
  • Length of your essay: 200 - 300 words
  • Number of these tasks: 1 - 2

Write essay tests your ability to write a short, persuasive or argumentative essay under strict time conditions.

You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position. organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words.

‘Taking part in sport as an adult is important for health and happiness-i To what extent do you agree ‘With this statement? Provide reasons and/or examples to support your ideas.

  • Writing
    up to 15 points

Top Strategies for Success in Write Essay

Approach essay writing by following the three steps.


Circle the topic in the essay question, then underline the part of the topic you must write about.

For example, in the task given above, you could circle taking part in sport as an adult and underline important for health and happiness.


Identify the instruction that tells you exactly what to do (e.g. agree or disagree with a statement; argue for or against an opinion; discuss advantages and disadvantages, problems or solutions).

In the task given above, the instruction is
To what extent do you agree with this statement? Provide reasons and/or examples to support your ideas.


Create a plan for the topic and task. Planning is very important in essay tasks. Make sure your text follows a logical structure.
1. Write a short introduction paragraph and:
• start with one sentence that makes a general statement on the topic.
• add a second sentence that introduces your opinion, argument or direction of the essay, focusing on the topic and the question.

2. Write two to three main paragraphs, focusing on your arguments and supporting statements

3. Finish with a short conclusion that summarises or re-states your main argument in one or two sentences.

  • Practice Tips
    Follow To Succeed

◾ Spend some time brainstorming ideas for essay topics. You usually have to give reasons for and against an idea in essays, so practise thinking of arguments (reasons in favour of an opinion), counter-arguments (reasons against that opinion) and rebuttals (reasons why even the counter-arguments could be wrong).

◾ Try writing main paragraphs first, then the introduction and conclusion last. Many people find this helpful. Practise different approaches and see which ones work for you.

◾ Practise checking and editing your writing, especially for grammar, vocabulary and punctuation mistakes. Checking your own work is better than relying on a checking tool. Get used to identifying your weak areas and common mistakes as there won’t be a spell-check function in the test.

◾ Time yourself writing and completing essay tasks in 20 minutes with a maximum of 300 words. Work out how much time you should allocate to planning, writing and checking your essay and practise timing yourself with each part. It is also important to practise typing an essay quickly.

  • Language focus

• Highlight any unfamiliar words in texts you read and guess their meaning from the words around them. Then check in a dictionary.

Create lists of words with their synonyms. A thesaurus will help you to find new words with the same or similar meanings.

• When you learn a new word, record an example of how it’s used in context. Also, record and learn which suffixes and prefixes are often added to the word.

Learn to use academic vocabulary. Using a variety of language helps you express your ideas and avoid repeating words.

Learn signalling words and expressions to help organise and link your arguments, such as Firstly, Next, However, Moreover, On the other hand, Furthermore, In conclusion, etc.

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Read the essay question carefully. Identify the general topic and then identify exactly what the essay asks you to do.

Use the timer. Decide how much time you will use to plan, write and edit your essay (allow a few minutes at the end for checking your work).

Plan your essay (you can type directly into the text box or use the erasable booklet).
• Make short notes on your main ideas.
• Sequence your ideas: organise them into a logical order.
• Check your plan against the essay question and make sure the ideas are relevant.

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Present your main points using your plan. Make sure you argue them clearly and with convincing evidence and examples to support your points.

Always check what you are writing. Type your ideas quickly, but regularly check your content against your plan and the task requirements.

Include everything the essay task asks for. Make sure you focus on the topic and give relevant examples and ideas.

Don’t make big changes while you write. You won’t have time to start again and complete the task. If you develop better ideas while you’re writing, stick with your plan but fit the new ideas in only if you can do so smoothly.

Check the word count and timer regularly.

Use a variety of sentence structures, but stick to grammar which you know you can use correctly, to make fewer mistakes.


Read your finished essay and think about how effective it is.
• Is the content relevant and does it answer the essay question?
• Are the ideas clear for the reader?
• Are the introduction, the main ideas in the body, and the conclusion presented in separate paragraphs?
• Is the conclusion clear?
• Have you used a variety of words and phrases to avoid repetition?
• Are the connections between sentences and paragraphs clearly signposted using suitable words and expressions?
• Could the choice of words or phrases be improved?
• Is the total word count between 200 and 300 words?
• Have you spent time checking your grammar, spelling and punctuation?

Remember, What To Do What Not To Do In Write Essay

Practise Write Essay here, if you want to try Write essay without a time limit. Think about the strategies mentioned above. Then follow the task instructions and write your essay.

You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position. organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words.

Some people believe that tertiary education should focus mainly on preparation for the workplace. Others see it as a broader preparation for life. Explain where your opinion lies between these points of view, giving reasons and/or examples as justification.

1. Use the checklist below to decide what you did well and what you need to practise more. Set time aside to work on each area that you want to improve

2. Read a model answer for this task below. Compare it to your own response. What are the differences? Are you happy with your response? What could you improve?

While debate continues between whether tertiary education should focus mainly on training for specific jobs or whether there is a higher purpose to education, my opinion is somewhere in the middle: while it makes sense for job preparation to be a significant part of tertiary education, work is not the be-all and end-all of everything and there are opportunities in tertiary education that would be lost if it was too work-focused. In fact, many skills are useful for both the workplace and for other aspects of life. 

On one side of the debate, it would be unfortunate if, after investing several years of life in education, none of it helped in obtaining or in being successful at a job. Industry and government all require skilled people if they are to be effective, and if tertiary education doesn’t provide society with such people then it’s hard to know where they would come from. 

However, an education that focuses only on specific job skills would be very narrow and limited. There is far more to life than just work, and just as examples, an appreciation for the arts and a broad understanding of the world can only enrich society. Tertiary education clearly has a role here, too. 

Indeed, there are skills that are useful both for work as well as outside work. Critical thinking, for instance, not only helps people be more effective at work but also enables society to function properly – it’s important to the democratic process, for holding companies and governments to account, and so on. 

In summary then, in an ideal world, tertiary education would provide a balance between practical work skills and knowledge, and skills and knowledge that enrich our lives and which enhance our ability to function in aspects of life outside work.

Common Mistakes Problems Errors In Write Essay

It doesn’t matter if you are unfamiliar with the essay topic. The essay questions are designed to be answered by most people with basic general knowledge. You don’t need any special knowledge.

How you write and express ideas is being assessed, not the opinion expressed in the writing. There are no right or wrong answers to this task and the opinion you express will not change your mark.

Most Repeated Write Essay Questions in 2024

1. Climate change is a concerning global issue. Who should take the responsibilities, governments, big companies or individuals?

2. Mass media, including TV and newspaper, have a great influence on humans, particularly on the younger generation. It has a pivotal role in shaping people’s opinions. Discuss the extent you agree or disagree. Use your own experience or examples.

3. Nowadays, more and more people engage in dangerous activities, such as skiing, or white-water rafting. Are you in favor of them? Why? Use examples to support your opinion.

4. In some companies, some employers involve employees in the decision-making process of products and services. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a policy?

5. It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is foolish. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

6. There are more and more situations where credit cards are used instead of cash. The idea of a cashless society seems to be becoming more of a reality. How realistic do you think it is? What do you see as the potential benefits or problems?

Quick Tips Strategies For Better Score!

Before you write anything, note key words in the prompt. Find out the topic, what key points you should focus on to answer the question and any points of view to present and discuss:

Essay prompts can be written in a number of ways. For example, you may need to discuss whether you agree or disagree with a statement:

You may have to consider how different groups of people might feel about a particular situation:

Your response on Write Essay is judged on our ability to write a persuasive or argumentative essay on a given topic. Your score is based on seven factors:

Content: Does your response address the topic?

Content is scored by determining if all aspects of the topic have been addressed in your response. The appropriateness of the details, examples and explanations used to support your point of view is also scored. If your essay does not address the topic, you will not receive any score points for your essay on any of the seven factors. Your essay will be scored zero. The best responses are on topic, contain logical and specific information and answer any questions asked. They also support any arguments with details, examples and/or explanations.

Development, structure and coherence: Does your response demonstrate good development of ideas and a logical structure?

Development, structure and coherence are scored according to the organization of your response. A well-developed response uses a logical organizational pattern, connects ideas and explains these connections. The best responses contain multiple paragraphs and have a clear introduction, body and conclusion that relate to the topic of the essay. Within paragraphs, ideas are clearly presented and supported with details, examples and/or explanations. Transitions between paragraphs are smooth.

Form: Does your response meet the length requirement of between 200 and 300 words?

Form is scored by counting the number of words in your response. You will receive full credit if your essay is between 200 and 300 words. Writing less than 200 words or more than 300 words will decrease your score. If your essay contains less than 120 words or more than 380 words, you will not receive any score points for your essay on any of the seven factors. Your essay will be scored zero.

General linguistic range: Does your response use language that precisely conveys your ideas?

General linguistic range is scored by determining if the language in your response accurately communicates your ideas. This includes your ability to provide clear descriptions, change emphasis, eliminate ambiguity, express subtleties in meaning, and use stylistic features to communicate meaning. You are more likely to receive full credit if you use complex sentence structures and vocabulary correctly, rather than consistently using simple sentence structures and vocabulary. This is because complex ideas are often expressed with complex sentence structures and vocabulary. The best responses use language that highlights key ideas, creatively expresses opinions and ensures clear communication.

Grammar usage and mechanics: Does your response demonstrate correct grammatical usage and consistent control of standard written English?

Grammar usage and mechanics are scored by examining sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization. The best responses contain high proportions of grammatically correct complex sentences that clearly communicate the intended meaning.

Vocabulary range: Does your response demonstrate command of a broad vocabulary range?

Vocabulary range is scored according to the variety of words in your response and their appropriateness in an academic environment. Synonyms, idiomatic expressions and academic terms are also assessed if appropriate. The best responses use precise academic terms and avoid repetition by using synonyms and idioms where appropriate.

Spelling: Does your response demonstrate correct and consistent use of a single spelling convention?

PTE Academic recognizes English spelling conventions from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. However, one spelling convention should be used consistently in a given response.

• Partial credit scoring applies to Write Essay. No credit is given for no response or an irrelevant response.
• This question type affects the scoring of the following: writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.
• Your listening and speaking skills are not tested by this question type, and your reading skills are only used to read the instructions and the prompt.
• For more information download the Score Guide.

You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position. organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words.

‘Taking part in sport as an adult is important for health and happiness-i To what extent do you agree ‘With this statement? Provide reasons and/or examples to support your ideas.

English Speaker’s Response

Taking part in sports as an adult is important for our health and happiness. Being active not only helps us control our weight, reduce our risk to numerous illnesses and strengthen our muscles, it can also support our mental wellbeing by reducing stress and tackling loneliness. This essay argues that partaking in sports and staying active can benefit our lives physically, mentally and socially.

Playing sports can help people achieve fi tness goals related to weight loss, muscle development and fat reduction because of the physical activity involved. Adults who play sports are less likely to become obese. Physical activity is associated
with hormone regulation and strengthening the immune system.

However, it is not just your body that benefi ts from sports. Playing sports contributes to mental health, helping to prevent depression and increase self-esteem and body image. Through playing sports, you can learn positive mental health skills including accountability, leadership and dedication. Playing sports is a key strategy for reducing stress, because your body releases feel-good endorphins while exercising which in turn increases your happiness.

Moreover, individuals who participate in sports might also benefi t from the social aspect, such as developing friendships with teammates and feeling part of a group. Team practice and competitions provide socialising options around an active lifestyle that can greatly benefi t our lives.

To summarise, we all know that being physically active is good for our bodies. But our physical health and mental health are closely linked, consequently the health benefi ts of becoming more physically active are even more signifi cant. Therefore, it is important to seize opportunities to participate in sports – no matter your age, ability or background.

Read the three sample answers for this task. Each sample answer provides an example of a response given by test takers at a C1, B2 or B1 competence level.

Health and happiness are important for people at all stages in life, not just for adults. The most efficient way of maintaining both is to take part in sports. This applies to people of all ages. Most people would not be surprised to hear that sport is a great enhancer of health. Regular participation can improve the strength of the heart, lungs and muscles, all of which are important for health. It can also help people reduce weight and thereby prevent a wide range
of health problems. For example, diabetes is associated with being overweight and is a major cause of health problems later in life. Taking part in sports is thus a fun way to reduce the chance of being aff ected by this serious illness.

Furthermore, sport can improve happiness. Many people who take up regular sporting activities report that they feel physically as well as mentally better as a result. Sport is also a very good way to meet people and develop a social life, which is a great creator of happiness in itself. This is important throughout adulthood, right into retirement.

In summary, sport benefi ts not just people’s health but also their happiness in a number of ways, and these benefi ts continue throughout life. It is therefore to the benefi t of society for people of all ages to be encouraged to participate in sport.


The first paragraph provides a short introduction, which presents the topic. Ideally, the introduction could also provide some background information, which would help the reader to understand the argument and/or mention the supporting points that will be presented in the essay.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 form the main body, and address the benefits of sport for our physical and mental wellbeing. Paragraph 4 forms the conclusion. Here the test taker summarises the arguments and provides a good conclusion.

The essay is well structured and the arguments are fully developed with details and examples that support the test taker’s opinion about the topic. The test taker uses grammar and vocabulary correctly throughout. There are no spelling mistakes. The word count is 227 words, which is fine for this task type.

There are a number of reasons why it is important that everyone actively participates in sport and not just as a spectator in front of the TV or on the field. This essay will point out some of these reasons, including for the benefit of our physical as well as mental health.

Firstly, physical health is important to most of us. While health can be maintained with diet and exercise, taking part in organised sport has the benefits of commitment and competition. You need to be committed and turn up for practise and competitions and not let others down. In order to compete means you are likely to train harder than when exercise alone.

Also, sport is good because of the social nature of sport. This clearly has mental health benefits as socialise and form friendships is good for people’s state of mind and wellbeing. Sport gives us a break from the pressures and routines of daily life and helps us relax.

In conclusion, taking part in sport should not be seen as just for children and professional sportspeople. The physical and mental health benefits mean that everyone should think about getting involved with a sport that they love and enjoy.


This essay discusses both parts of the topic, i.e. health and happiness. The response is well organised with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The test taker has divided their ideas into paragraphs and repeats key words to help the reader understand the reasons for their opinions.

The essay shows that the test taker knows enough vocabulary and structures to express their opinions clearly as well as provide detailed descriptions. There are, however, grammatical mistakes in prepositional phrases, for example including for the benefit of our physical as well as mental health, which, in this context, should be including the benefit to our physical and mental health. Another example is everyone should think about getting involved with a sport that they love and enjoy. In this case to get involved in something is the phrase we need, so the correct sentence would be everyone should think about getting involved in a sport that they love and enjoy.

There are also grammatical mistakes in more complex sentence structures. For example, the test taker is not yet able to always use the gerund correctly. When they write, for example, when exercise alone or socialise and form friendships the gerund is needed to show that the verbs are used as nouns, so the correct forms are when exercising alone and socialising and forming friendships.

The test taker’s use of vocabulary is mostly appropriate, but the exact meaning is sometimes unclear. For example, the sentence Also, sport is good because of the social nature of sport, could be changed into The social nature of sport further benefits our health and that would have made the point clearer. Also, where they say In order to compete means you are likely to train harder, the first part of the sentence does not make the argument clear to the reader. By using in order to and means the meaning is lost and it becomes more difficult to follow the text. A phrase such as In
order to be able to compete you are likely to train harder would be clear and precise.

There are two spelling errors: committment (commitment) and practise (practice). The word count is 201, which is acceptable.

Many people enjoy sport. Some like to watch it, and some prefer to take part in it. I enjoy both. I believe that taking part in sport as an adult is important for health and happiness.

Sport is very good for our health. It makes our heart and our muscles strong. This makes us healthy and become less ill. Usually, healthy people also live longer. However, some people think that exercise is boring or lonely. Then you can play team sport, you can be with people and taking part in sport becomes more fun.

Also, sport makes people happy. You meet new people and you can fight. For example, when I play tennis, I enjoy to meet my friends, and I enjoy to win!

In conclusion, it is true that sport is very important for our health and happiness. Sport is healthy because you run around a lot and get fit. At the same time, sport makes you happy because you meet people and you can be with friends.


The essay discusses both aspects of the topic, i.e. health and happiness, and makes the test taker’s opinion clear.

The overall essay structure is appropriate, with an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. However, the points made within the paragraphs are not all fully developed. The second paragraph of the body in particular seems too short and remains less convincing. The conclusion is simply a repetition of the main arguments.

The test taker does not use the appropriate language style for this essay. For example, they write in the first and second person: I play … and you meet … , and use phrases such as you can fi ght and you run around a lot, which are rather informal.

This essay contains mainly simple grammatical structures and has some grammatical mistakes, for example, the test taker uses the infinitive when the gerund is needed: exercise is boring or lonely instead of exercising is boring or lonely; I enjoy to meet my friends, and I enjoy to win instead of I enjoy meeting my friends, and I enjoy winning.

The frequent repetition of words and phrases shows that the test taker’s vocabulary is still very limited. Words such as fi ght instead of compete, exercise is (…) lonely instead of exercising alone can be lonely are not appropriate for the context.

There are no spelling errors. The word count is with 169 words, below the required range of 200–300 words, which means the test taker only receives partial credit for formal requirement.

In this worksheet, you are going to practise ways of generating ideas for an argumentative essay and ways of including different viewpoints in sentences and paragraphs.

1. Answer the questions about the Write essay task. Write Yes or No. Work in pairs and explain your answers.

2. Check your answers. Match answers a–h with questions 1–8 in Exercise 1.

a. Yes, but you need to be consistent. For example, decide between using British or American English spelling.

b. No. They need to be clear and you must give good reasons for them, but there is no right or wrong answer to the question.

c. Yes. The essay must be between 200 and 300 words.

d. No, you can’t write a good essay without planning it fi rst. This will save time later.

e. Yes, this is an important part of organising your essay.

f. Yes, you must follow the usual rules about punctuation and capital letters.

g. No, the question will not correspond exactly to what you have memorised. You might be able to recycle some ideas, but you must think and plan every time.

h. No, these are not normally found in an academic essay and separate points like this will not show how your ideas are related.

3. Read the essay question. An essay of this length will need only two or three main paragraphs plus an introduction and a conclusion. Which two topics in 1–4 are the best for your two main paragraphs?

‘Taking part in sport as an adult is important for health and happiness.’ To what extent do you  agree with this statement? Provide reasons and / or examples to support your ideas.

1. Good effects of taking part in sport / Why sport should be compulsory in schools.

2. Advantages of taking part in sport / Disadvantages of taking part in sport

3. Good effects of sport on health / Good effects of sport on happiness

4. Good effects of sport on health and happiness / Other activities that can promote health and happiness

Before you start writing, you need to gather some ideas. Using because, therefore or for example can help you think of ideas.

4. Complete the sentences.

1. Taking part in sport is important for health because ………………
2. Joining a sports club is a good way of meeting regularly with friends and therefore ………………
3. People often find taking part in sport more motivating than exercising alone. This is because ……………… For example ………………

5. Phrases with verbs that refer to results, such as enable and prevent, can also help you think of ideas. Complete each sentence with two ideas.

1. Taking part in sport enables you to …………………..
2. Taking part in sport prevents you from ………………….

Even if the statement in the essay title is generally true, as in this case, it can still be useful to consider opposing viewpoints.

6. Complete the notes.

Bad for health:
Can cause injuries – (what type?) … (from what sport?) … (specific person?) …

Possible negative emotions:
Anger (why?) …
Stress (why?) …

If you do not want to write a whole paragraph on the opposite view, you can use a concession. This means writing an opposing sentence to admit that it may have some truth, but then contrasting it with your main opinion.

7.1. Read the examples and answer the questions.

1. Although competitive sports can sometimes cause stress or anxiety, most people enjoy the challenge.
a. What linking word is used to introduce the concession?
b. What punctuation mark separates this from the main opinion?

2. It is true that focusing on the competitive nature of some sports can make some people angry instead of happy, but most people do not react like this.
a. What phrase is used to introduce the concession?
b. What linking word is used to introduce the main opinion?

7.2. Use your ideas in Exercise 6 to write two concession sentences.

Your conclusion needs to restate your opinion and the most important reason. You can also include a concession sentence.

8. Put the words in the correct order to make a two-sentence conclusion.

1. taking part in sport / to maintain health and happiness / all in all / helps most adults

2. but it is certainly one of the most obvious / the only means of achieving this, / ways to promote physical and mental health / it is true that sport is not

9. Read the examples of introductions to an essay responding to the essay question in Exercise 3. Which do you think is the best? Is there one that is not very good?

1. Although taking part in sport for entertainment may not appeal to everyone, it remains one of the best ways for most adults to maintain health and happiness.

2. Looking after our physical and mental health is or should be a priority for most people and taking part in sport is one of the ways of achieving this.

3. Nowadays, there are many types of sport people can play and they can also watch it on TV. It has become part of our lives

10. Write your own response to the essay question in Exercise 3. Then read it through twice.

• First reading: Read the essay sentence by sentence. Check each one is a complete sentence and there are no missing words.

• Second reading: Check for typing errors, spelling mistakes and small grammar errors, e.g. missing finals.