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Exam Questions

Get over 50% repeated questions in exam!

What is PTE Prediction File ?

The prediction file is a collection of real exam questions for the PTE exam that may also appear in future exams. Our prediction file is developed based on a continuous review of the frequency of repetition of questions in 40 PTE centres in 12 countries. You may get over 50% of the common questions from our monthly prediction file in the real PTE exam.

Students' Review About Prediction File

Many students aiming for a score of 65 (Proficient English Score) in the PTE academic exam have achieved scores of 79+ (Superior English Score), benefiting significantly from encountering over 50% of their exam questions as ones they had prepared for. This advantage, stemming from common questions in areas like write from dictation, repeat sentences, essay writing, and reading fill in the blanks, allows them to gain an extra 20-25 marks beyond their initial expectations.

Repeated Question Numbers


Speaking & Writing

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Retell Lecture
  • Answer Short Questions
  • Summarize Written Text
  • Write Essay



  • FIB: Reading & Writing
  • MCQ: Multiple Answers
  • Reorder Paragraph
  • FIB: Reading
  • MCQ: Single Answer



  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • MCQ: Multiple Answers
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight Correct Summary
  • MCQ: Single Answer
  • Select Missing Word
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write From Dictation

Need to achieve your PTE score fast?

Then, you must complete Predicted Questions !

We’re the only PTE Learning Centre that gives out monthly PTE predictions with a success rate of over 50% (questions that actually show up on the test) in the past 74 months. In PTE Academic exam, there is a tendency to repeat the questions from previous exams, and our prediction file is a collection of the questions that appeared in the previous exams in different countries. So, this material is a must for a student before PTE test to get questions common.

  • Questions' Repetition Rate

Question Name

Contributes To



Repeated Question Bank

We have been publishing prediction file every month since 2018

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Difference Between Two Students

one who completes the prediction file and who doesn’t!

  • Prediction File
  • Who Completes
  • Who Doesn't Complete

Frequently Asked Questions

This file, updated continuously over 74 months, aims to give examinees a higher chance of encountering familiar questions, making it a crucial tool for last-minute preparation. However, while the prediction file significantly boosts confidence and exam scores, we emphasize it should not replace comprehensive study but rather complement it. 

The PTE Academic Prediction File is a collection of real exam questions that have appeared in past PTE Academic exams. These questions are likely to reappear in future exams. The file is compiled based on feedback from over 500-600 students each month, tracking their experiences in more than 40 PTE centers across 12 countries.

We create the Prediction File based on continuous and rigorous review. Our team does not randomly select questions but chooses them based on their frequency of repetition in the exams across various PTE centers. We gather information from a wide network, ensuring the content we provide has been verified for its relevance and recurrence.

Using the Prediction File can enhance your exam preparation by familiarizing you with questions that are highly likely to appear in your test. This preparation can lead to over 50% of the exam questions being something you have already practiced. It boosts confidence, improves content understanding, and facilitates better time management during the exam.

While the Prediction File significantly aids in preparation, it alone cannot guarantee a score of 79+ (Superior English) or 65+ (Proficient English). It should be used as a supplementary tool alongside regular practice of techniques, strategies, and exercises designed for the PTE Academic exam.

No, memorization is not recommended. Understanding the academic context and building your knowledge around it is crucial. Memorizing answers without comprehension may lead to disappointing outcomes.

It's recommended to start using the Prediction File at least two to three weeks before your exam date. This period allows enough time to familiarize yourself with potential exam questions, understand the content deeply, and not rely on rote memorization.

Yes, many students who have utilized the Prediction File as part of their preparation strategy have seen improvements in their scores, sometimes even surpassing their target by a significant margin. However, it's crucial to complement it with comprehensive study and practice.

Yes, we update the Prediction File monthly to incorporate new questions and remove outdated ones. This process ensures our users have access to a relevant and effective study tool that reflects the current trends in the PTE Academic exam.